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Increase the flexibility of 360° appraisals by running them online. They become accessible from any location, 24 hours a day. Reduce the administrative burden of appraisals by automating invitations, reminders and the production of the final report. Dashboards automatically track responses levels.

Arc 360° allows you to create and edit your own questions (no need for web developers), to run multiple surveys and it automatically calculates historic benchmarks scores so you can compare responses for an individual against all the other appraisals that you have run.

When Arc 360° is connected to reporting software (we use Microsoft Reporting Services) it enables historic data to be compared and contrasted and for trends to be highlighted. Key metrics can be flagged and users can create and compare statistics without database training. The reports can be exported to Excel.


Staff surveys provide valuable insights into the factors that affect morale, attendance and performance. The commissioning of a survey signals that the management of an organisation is keen to hear from their staff.

Ensuring that a survey is successful is based on a range of factors. From question wording, the process for collecting the results, levels of confidentiality, presentation and layout, statistical validity and data integrity. Is important to clearly understand what the purpose of the survey is and what the management intends to do with the data. This can then be used to direct the design and implementation of the survey so that the type of data, the volumes of data and the structure of the data are designed into the process. Often overlooked is the management appetite of capability to process results e.g. is it practical to read written responses from 5,000 employees.

Arc has successfully deployed online tools that can manage thousands of surveys, provide online reports and statistics along with the ability to export the data into Excel or Word templates for quick publication. Importantly Arc has a process and the tools to manage paper responses so that they can be databased too.


The Equality Act 2010 presents a challenge to all employers whether they be public or private sector. The equality duty has been reported by the popular press as being particular onerous and costly to organisations.

One of the reasons given is because the need to know and understand the make-up of your staff in relation to this legislation and the traditional methods of surveying staff are costly and open to privacy concerns. Importantly it should be said that the mass annual survey typically fails to maintain the currency of information as both the staff and the organisation change.

An Arc online survey is anonymous and can either continue as an annual study, or it can also be initiated automatically as staff join and leave the organisation thus keeping information up to date. The key benefit to the Arc system is that all the reporting statistics are automatically updated in real-time so that there is no team required to produce and stay on top of the findings of the survey. Arc can even submit the data automatically into a report template ready for printing and distributing.


Can you relate training directly back to an objective in your business plan? Can you directly track return on investment from training?

Unlock personal development plans (PDPs) from those email attachments and old intranet pages by enabling employees to create and manage their own plan online. Enable mentoring to take place by allowing those plans to be shared, and improve line management by providing visibility of progress. Bring an end to training courses going unused back in the workplace by connecting individual learning plans and skills logs to your business plans. Keep track of the skills and qualifications of your team so that you can find them easily when required.

How many of your team have taken courses and come back to work only to find that they are not using those skills and there is no plan to share them within the company? Can you easily search for an employee who speaks a language or holds a particular qualification?


Can you trace department objectives back up to the corporate business plan? Can you track progress across departments from one dashboard?

Corporate Development Planner (CDP) enables objecives to be created at the most senior levels of an organisation and cascaded down to departments, and from there even into an individuals personal plan. High-level business objectives can now be linked to specific actions and outcomes (and the evidence) can be tracked from one location.


Booking courses is a time consuming process creating administration for individual staff, line managers, finance and HR. And that is before they have even started the course.

Online course booking enables you to publish a prospectus of approved training courses so that your entire organisation is aware of the opportunities open to them. Centralised booking enables budgets to be tracked and approvals to be made, and of course eliminates the cost and pain of paperwork.

The course booking tool is compatible with both PDP and CDP so that business objectives can be directly linked (and outcomes to be tracked) to training activities. Booking online enables personal development plans (PDP) to be automatically updated and for line managers to be able to track the training their team are receiving.

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