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Integration. Bringing things together

The era of the system that does everything is coming to an end. If you have software doing the job and running as it was intended, then why incur the cost or risk in replacing it when you can instead integrate it into your new system? Perhaps you want to do a one-off conversation from one database, tool or Excel into a new software platform?

Arc has been performing complex data and system integrations since our foundation in 1990 and we have experienced people who can analyse different formats, design, and build software to convert data formats so that different systems and products can work together.


Organisations want to pick and choose the best components for their particular needs and mix options from different off-the-shelf suppliers and expert bespoke builders. If you have software that is doing the job and running perfectly you may not want to rip it all out and start again, so why not integrate your current technology with the new software so that you get the new features that you need without the pain of a large IT migration?

Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities all have different IT systems running and often in isolation and not connected to each other. In many cases the current services are doing their job and to replace them would be an unnecessary cost.

Connecting rather than replacing systems not only provides obvious financial savings, but it importantly reduces management distraction by avoiding large projects. Integrations increase the power you have over suppliers by running a diverse set of systems rather than becoming reliant on one vendor.


"If you want to move to another system then you can take your data with you. It is your data after all."

Arc has experience in connecting systems together and in translating data between formats so that legacy data becomes compatible with new software services. Arc also does one-off data conversations so that you can move your valuable information from an old system onto a new one. This avoids the pain of doing this manually or the waste of throwing the data away because it is too complex to convert.

Arc advocates connecting systems together, reusing what you have, and open standards. Arc does not charge you outrageous fees for access to your own data. If you want to move to another system then you can take your data with you. It is your data after all.


Arc has hands-on experience of connecting a number of popular Management Information Systems together (examples include Capita SIMS and Agresso MIS). We can provide this expertise to your project. However, direct system to system connections cannot always be justified (cost, project management time, cross-organisation agreements) and it can be cheaper and more pragmatic to simply import or export data using tools such as Arc Exchange. A popular choice is to mix and match so that a MIS to MIS data link is built for the largest local providers, whilst those organisations with small cohorts or unusual MISs simply export/import files.

UMG:Blue Screenshot Screenshot of 'BLUE' A system designed and built by Arc Software for Universal Music Group.


Arc connects and integrates multiple data sources and live feeds into one seamless, single view of data. Combining data sources together into one place ends the cycle of ripping and replacing systems (usually done to try and consolidate data), makes information easy to understand because it there is no need to keeping moving between systems and logins, and importantly it allows new combinations of calculations to be run that produce results more powerful than the sum of the data sources.

Arc has done this type of work for the European Union’s ARROW project, which requires data integrations out to four external organisations and merging into our client’s existing IT platform. Arc also does this type of work for Universal Music Group so that Universal Japan can source data from the world-wide company systems, format it into the local data structure, blend in data from external companies like iTunes and then present it in a single-view that is localised to how Japan likes to do business.


Whilst Salesforce is a very powerful product with many useful benefits there are times when you just want to get your data off the site and into a nice format that you can use. There are also times when you have useful data on your own system or in a different format that you would like to load into Salesforce. Copying and pasting information or starting an entire Salesforce customisation and consultancy project is not a pain free, cheap or timely solution.

Arc Software has solved this for other companies already. Arc has developers who know the Salesforce programming model and data structures, and have practical hands-on experience of connecting customer systems into Salesforce so that updates can be made automatically and in real-time, and in transforming business data into the Salesforce format for one-off loads.

Transforming data automatically or connecting your own systems directly into Salesforce service also provides cost savings in the monthly licence fees you pay, reduces staff training, and importantly eliminates the frustration of moving data around manually. Integrating data into Salesforce also increases speed and availability of information.

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