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Arc is a specialist management information company, it is at the core of what we do. Arc brings a deep level of technical knowledge built up through many hands-on implementations and backed by a team qualified in mathematics and experienced in performing database design. Arc has references from many different types of organisation including large multi-national companies working on the cutting edge of business intelligence.


Are databases accumulating all sorts of very useful information that remains locked away because it is not accessible to everyday users? Databases are often little more than storage areas for applications designed to do very specific tasks, but behind the scenes they hold very valuable information that could be used to provide far more insights than the applications using them were designed for. Even when databases are intended to be accessed by users they often require IT technical knowledge to learn commands and tools, and a lot of time or training is required when all the user wants to do is find information and answer questions or they are local initiatives trapped on internal PCs or intranets.

Arc allows you to log into your reports using your browser and run reports simply by clicking on links and filtering the results using dropdown menus. Queries are sent to the database as soon as you click the submit button and within a few seconds the software runs all the calculations and displays the results in your browser. There is no need for programming or database commands.

The results can be displayed simply as lists of figures or converted into graphics such as pie-charts and graphs. Results can be raw data taken directly from a database or Arc can add additional logic, or combine several separate databases together and run calculations automatically when you click the links. Common examples of this logic include displaying flags or symbols when certain events or scores occur in the data.


Do you need to act quickly when a key event occurs? Do you want to know when a critical value changes?

Management reporting captures large amounts of valuable information that is constantly changing as systems capture more data. Arc can create alerts that monitor, calculate the statistics, and then automatically raise an alert the moment an important change occurs so that you are immediately aware of which are of data you need to concentrate your efforts on. Arc can even set Reporting to email you an alert when a data threshold changes so that when you are working away from a PC you can remain informed.

Arc can also raise predicted alerts before events happen. For example Arc can warn you in advance that sales of an item will soon decline so that you can intervene and change influencers like price.


Whilst viewing management information online is very powerful and a real improvement from the days of arduously typing in database queries there are times when you want to use the information elsewhere. Arc provides options so that you can export your online reports off the internet to useful formats like Excel.


Opening reports through your browser means that you have no need to licence or install desktop software. Statistics are calculated the moment you submit your query so the information is up to date. If you need to run a report regularly (perhaps end of the month) then the system can do it for you and email you results so you do not even need to log onto the software.

The Arc team designs the reports so that they fit how you like to work and so that they contain the information that you want. Arc’s aim is to remove the technology hurdles to getting powerful and insightful management information.


Having access to live management reporting information is extremely powerful and provides you with instant updates to key metrics. In many cases these important updates (or lack of updates) are related to transactions coming to or from other departments and partner organisations.

Keeping these outside groups informed about their statistics usually means collating information manually then emailing over the details by hand because you need to ensure that the data is relevant (or authorised) to the receiver or holding management meetings to read through the data. This is because software is usually set up to run internally and because databases hold all sorts of extra information that is confidential and should not be shared with partners. Manually finding, collating and then sifting this information is an administrative burden and leads to time lags resulting in partners receiving out of date information.

Arc can provide online access to your management reporting system so that partners can log in and see information in real-time and importantly Arc can provide ‘views’ or ‘cuts’ of your data so that partners only get to see those segments of information that you want them to see. Partners can now see reports in real time and can see changes the moment the data is updated thereby eliminating both the time lag and the administration pain of manually collating and sending out emails or holding meetings.

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