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Pricing Management

The increasing move to online sales and the interconnection of IT systems between partner organisations provides businesses with increasing amounts of sales data, which can in many cases accumulate unused.

Managers currently need to actively seek out this data using reporting tools or sift through reports which all too often is about events from some time ago or source from disconnected databases. Online sales are not restricted to business hours and often span different territories, but managers only become aware of important data changes as and when they sit down and run their reports, and even then they need to spend time interrogating large volumes of data to find the salient facts.

Arc provides the solution to the ‘noise’ created by increasing volumes of data and provides the solution to busy managers who cannot spend their day watching screens by pushing relevant data out to them. Managers subscribe to reports of interest and the system then does the monitoring of the constantly changing business data and watches for relevant changes. The system automatically issues notifications, email messages, or alerts directly to managers when key thresholds are reached. The benefit is that data no longer sits unwatched on systems until a report is ‘run’ and facts are pulled off the system, and the business no longer needs a manager to keep sifting through the noise just in case an important trigger point has occurred (e.g. tailing off an artist’s iTunes sales).

Arc builds online management solutions that make variable pricing for online downloads a management reality. Arc’s system ingests sales information from key marketplaces like iTunes, blends it with data from external partners before merging it into the organisation’s internal (confidential) data, and it automates complex analysis and monitors the data on behalf of managers. For example lowering the price of a track on iTunes can extend an artist’s chart run, but move too soon or too late and the moment (and revenue) is missed. Managers get a jump start on their competition because the system has richer data sets (including data on rivals) achieved by combining multiple data sources, and importantly reporting progresses beyond providing static sets of historical data (e.g. hard sales numbers) to automating the calculation of future projections and publishing predictive data.

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