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ePortfolio - eAssessment

Arc has a superb track record of delivering robust and secure ePortfolio systems to education clients, public sector training organisations, and private training companies. Arc's eNVQ tool was chosen by a leading company to secure and track classified materials, whilst a government training organisation used it for coordinating the design of a new course and kite marking providers.

The definition of e-Portfolio has evolved and changed over time. Arc provides two distinct products:

  1. e-Portfolios for the 14-19 sector and careers advisory services.
  2. eAssessment for submitting and verifying coursework or evidence against specific objectives, competencies or a syllabus.

These products are often imbedded in large training or careers information portals and can be connected into tools such as course prospectuses and online course booking. They were designed in partnership with clients so they are tried and tested in businesses and public sector organisations.

Learner e-Portfolios

Arc’s portfolio contains a number of tools and quizzes to illicit information out of users that will contribute towards building up statements, CVs and life goals. The portfolio itself is for the user and is private to them and allows them to upload materials and media that they would like to carry with them. The concept is to not only have a portfolio for storage, but also a structured way of engaging the user to make meaningful contributions to it.

eAssessment and eNVQ:

This product also fits the definition (perhaps more so) of an e-Portfolio, but we differentiate it because it is intended to be more structured so that uploads are mapped to competencies, a syllabus or another kind of structure.

Learners can upload evidence, request external verification, place claims against objectives, receive (auditable) messages from assessors and see unit progress charts. Learners can also apply claims to multiple units at the same time.

Online coursework submission ends the limitations of physical folders containing course work/evidence being transported from home to college, being passed between professionals, and at risk from loss or damage.

The Benefits of Online Coursework Submissions

  • Financial savings through reducing physical visits to locations, costs of missed visits, and by increasing the numbers of assessments that can be completed.
  • Increased employer and mentor engagement by providing online access.
  • One-page reporting screens with real-time tracking for large numbers of learners.
  • A secure audit trail of evidence sign-offs from employers, supervisors or mentors.

Supporting features are integrated into eAssessment to ensure that large numbers of learners can be managed effectively using intuitive technology and single page dashboards:

  • Dashboards for learners to track progress
  • Dashboards for professionals to assess and communicate with groups of learners
  • One-page reporting metrics for assessors and providers to quickly view progress.
  • Cross-unit objective claims
  • Traffic light system to instantly flag submissions and show progression

Assessor and Verifier Roles

Assessors can use dashboard screens to track large numbers of learners and to be notified when new submissions are received. Assessors can exchange secure messages with learners.

eAssessment gives internal and external verifiers additional confidence by tracking verifications signed-off by workplace supervisors or other witnesses. Audit trails are provided and sampling can be conducted across an institution.

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