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Management Reporting

Management information is an important activity no matter what type of organisation you are involved in, but it can be time consuming and costly to collate and analyse statistics from different people, departments, partner organisations and unconnected IT systems. In fact it would not be unkind to say that all too often organisations fail to make use of their valuable information because it is simply too painful to work with or so complicated that they unaware of how it could be used.

Arc brings data and management information to life by making the results visual. You can spot interesting trends and correlations when you are not trapped inside the detail of figures and tables.

Arc can aggregate different sources of data together so that you can combine all the valuable information trapped in separate IT systems into one view. Aggregating and combining data means that you can spot interesting nuggets of information that would have gone unnoticed.

Arc can raise automated alerts when critical values are reached. For example if sales start to drop then the system can alert you so you can take action, if a competitor changes their market share then Arc can alert you. Alerts can be raised on any data change so that system informs you, rather than you being tied into watching screens during busy times.

Finally, you can save a huge amount of time and effort because we generate the statistics and calculations automatically and you can export a fully formatted document to Excel or PDF simply by clicking on a button. No need to take courses on database programming or to recruit expensive IT experts.

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