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Arc's Database and Management Reporting Technology Stack

The database and management reporting technology stack is an interesting one for Arc Software. As a company Arc began on the Microsoft stack and are specialists in designing, developing, integrating and project rescue for SQL server and that in turn has meant that we have years of experience with Microsoft's Reporting Services (SRSS) too. And this is a stack that Arc recommends to our enterprise clients.

That being said Arc Software is a pragmatic company and like many others Arc has moved clients into cloud platforms like Azure where licencing costs become very apparent very quickly and so Arc does use other databases, in particular those open source ones like MySQL or Mongo DB because on costs grounds they are very compelling, especially in organisations that are not benefiting from licensing deals or for whom an enterprise database is a little too heavy.

One more thing, and something that is of great medium to long-time importance for an organisation. Arc's view is that a database should be viewed as a strategic asset and not simply as a store for developers to point applications at. The chances are a great deal of the value that your business has will be in a database and the flexibility of it's model will determine how easy (and costly) it is to leverage that data for other purposes. So, as a company Arc also recommends always using a dedicated DBA to design databases applications as nothing lasts as long as temporary.

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