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Artificial Intelligence

Arc has been developing machine learning and forms of artificial intelligence (A.I) systems for many years. Arc specialises in in what we would say are practical applications focussed on improving time consuming business processes and data accuracy (and therefore data reliability) by having the 'machine' learn and therefore improve.

Arc is a company specialising in complex data means with decades of experience in designing and using algorithms to provide continual improvement to a software service and pioneered concepts such as 'predictive pricing' to forecast and then influence changes in sales in advance of a trend being seen by human marketers.

Matching engines are a classic client requirement for Arc. These matching engines have a fairly simple appearance to the user, but behind the scenes they are running hundreds of different permutations. For example over at there is an engine for intellectual property rights that holds are millions of publishing titles with many different legal rights and restrictions that need to be matched to the legal requirements of potential licence purchasers.

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