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Business Analysis and Feasibility Studies

Before committing to a new IT project you can increase your chances of success and reduce the risks of cost/time overruns by using an experienced IT expert to assess the aims and objectives for a project, and to conduct an independent analysis of these to establish whether they are robust enough to ensure a successful procurement or project initiation.

A closely related service from Arc is facilitating envisioning where we use the issues and knowledge from your current business situation to map out what the future could be, but importantly without that experience skewing or biasing the objectives. This is incredibly hard to do and it is common for IT projects to fulfil less that originally hoped for because they ended up being focused around the pre-existing situation and not what could have been. An outsider is free of being constrained by 'this is how we do things' and is not wedded to processes because that is how they are used to working.

Arc brings practical experience and knowledge from how other organisations went about succeeding in their projects, and they know what kind of tools or suppliers are out there to solve your objectives. This early assistance means that an experienced assessment of options can take place before you spend any significant amounts of money or management time going out to potential suppliers.

Arc experts translate your business objectives or ideas into the precise language and measurable objectives as understood by IT suppliers, thereby increasing your chance of securing a more accurate bid and cheaper contract as suppliers will have far more confidence in what they are being asked to estimate. Such a translation also reduces the chances of later disagreements, which in turn ensures a far smoother relationship.

Arc provides this independent expertise and expert analysis not only to organisations going out to market for a new supplier or as part of a project rescue, but also to clients that would like to improve their relationships with existing suppliers or internal IT departments. An independent organisation like Arc can analyse and assess because some distance from the project enables impartiality, which in turns allows Arc to act as a critical friend.

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