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Graphic Design and Useability Consultancy

No-one likes to read a manual or go on a course just to learn how to use a piece of software, but we have all come across programs that force us to do this. The layouts, the icons and the menu options are just not that intuitive and simply don’t work the way that we expect them to. Similarly we have all come across products or software that we can just get on and use, it is a delight, and we rarely need to reach for the help pages. Yet, when pushed it can be hard to explain why one service is intuitive and another one is a pain.

A good designer with real and in-depth business experience can use colour, icons, wording, layouts and flows through functionality to discretely guide the user through a system. A good designer knows how different types of user interpret screens and icons and how that can be used to help them. Arc’s designer can sit down with a sketch pad or a computer and take you from initial ideas through to designs. Workshopping is a real expertise at Arc and a great way to get an entire team involved.

How can a designer reduce my project costs?

Arc’s graphic designer can mock-up functionality, layouts and map out the user journey through your software before any significant budget is spent or irreversible builds have been made. This process can also help crystallise the different thoughts and priorities of your project team into a clearly thought out unified design. Arc’s designer also brings practical experience and case-studies of techniques and materials that work and get results.

Online Content, Promotional Materials and User Guide Design Services

Arc’s graphic design service also produces online content such as imagery and animations for web sites as well as promotion materials for publising a project. On the technical side of the project user guides that include effective layouts, fonts, and graphics increase user satisfaction and reduce calls to help desks.

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