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Requirements Gathering & Evaluation

The media is littered with stories of IT projects that have failed. A closer examination of the headlines often shows that (on paper at least) the suppliers had suitable experience and a good team, whilst the client’s own management team obviously had the domain knowledge needed to guide the supplier, and yet the project got into difficulty.

So the question arises. What are successful projects doing that failed projects are not?

Arc provides expert consultants that can gather client requirements systematically and in a way that draws out critical items of information overlooked by those too close to the business. Assumptions and misunderstandings can begin to occur quite quickly once a project gets started as the supplier moves gradually, and incrementally further away from what their client thought they were going to receive. Arc reduces this risk significantly because we have the expertise to ‘translate’ client business requirements into the statements and terminology that IT vendors understand, and with the degree of precision suited to how their technicians work. And of course this precision provides measurable objectives to support a contract.

Arc provides this service both as an independent expert when clients have their own suppliers, or as part of our project management process when we are the supplier. 

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