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Rights and Repertoire Systems

Arc designs and builds bespoke business software for managing rights and repertoire along with systems for permissions clearing and the management of intellectual property licencing rights for merchandise and other business units where complex decision making and permissions tracking is required.

Arc also provides independent consultancy to rights and repertoire organisations seeking to modernise or re-energise their processes and systems who would like to use their own IT people and Arc has been brought in to rescue projects attempting to build a system.

Arc's past and present clients include global media companies, collecting societies, book publishers and digital and physical distributors along with artist label services providers. On each of these projects our bespoke system has been integrated into other business and royalty systems.

Arc's software reduces the costs and administration of distributions and increases the quality of management information and business responsiveness because it is designed to fit your specific processes and can seamlessly blend in other software already existing in your organisation. Designing a tight and focused user interface reduces errors in data quality and speeds up business processes involving multiple people and sign-offs.

Arc's clients typically want to use or retain commercial off the shelf market software solutions for various parts of the business and to connect those systems together. This is always our recommendation because commodity tools are rarely worth developing yourself whilst their are specialists in processes like royalties that might have a system that fit your needs already, so our recommendation is to focus Arc's services on the high-value gains come from solving the complexity in your unique or complex processes, and to join up systems under one seamless view.

This is all business as usual for Arc as we have connected many different components together and often then gone on to develop high-value bespoke layers to draw data and processes out software and database silos. In effect Arc produces that seamless umbrella pulling all your software together into one place.

Typical integrations down in the last few years include downstream data like iTunes, media asset management software like Cubix, publishing rightsholder and distributions standards like ONIX-RP and ONIX-DS, through to CRM systems like Salesforce, music royalties management systems like Vistex's Record Maestro and accounting software such as Advanced's Exchequer accounting software.

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