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Label Copy and Repertoire Clearance Systems

Arc is an experienced builder of Label Copy (metadata ) and repertoire clearance system for the music industry. Organisations holding the rights to thousands of assets containing many variations in licensing conditions, part-ownership with other organisations and bespoke usage deals need to be very sure that they can approve requests to use content and that their data is accurate for provision to downstream systems. Arc has a very successful track record in delivering both these types of system.

 Arc’s label copy and repertoire clearance systems means that holdings and ownership of repertoire are available globally to the business and importantly they can be cleared using a workflow that is effective, yet streamlined and accurate. Importantly this system is auditable. Arc provides high levels of automation and notification so that managers can focus on making decisions rather than spending time on moving through administrative steps or logging in to check for updates.

Arc’s data team are industry leading experts in both understanding the complexities of media rights and repertoire, and in being able to systemise this into an effective IT system. Arc has built and deployed production systems that work for business, that derive revenue, reduce costs and importantly stand the test of time in a changing environment. Arc is also proud to say that we build software that fits how people like to work and the benefits that they want to achieve.

Universal Music Group (UMG) has been a great reference for Arc as our system ran for over eleven years, a relationship that we believe speaks highly of Arc capability. Universal Music Group Japan then commissioned Arc to build a brand new bespoke business system (in Japanese and English) for them and to migrate huge amounts of data from a legacy system.

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