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Arc is a leading ONIX XML Consultancy

Arc is one of the UK's leading ONIX XML consultancies with over 15 years experience in building systems to send and receive both ONIX-RP (repertoire) and ONIX-DS (distributions for RROs), and in providing ONIX ingest and ONIX data ingest services.

The Online Information eXchange (ONIX) is the data format that publishers can use to distribute electronic information about their books. There have been many conferences and experts examining the practicalities of implementing this complex standard, but Arc has actually built and runs a successful system.

Arc has in-house ONIX experts that understand the standard and understand how business actually want to use their IT. Arc provides tried and tested experience, the technology and the design strategies that produce successful business applications.

If you work in UK publishing then you will more than likely be receiving distributions from Publishers Licensing Services (PLS) and may even have used the online Account Manager portal to manage your repertoire inclusions and exclusions from collective licencing. Well the data being sent and received from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) for distributions uses ONIX-DS, whilst title data comes in and out using ONIX-RP. Rights holders can also upload ONIX-RP into Account Manager. Well, all this technology including the data model, taxonomy and Account Manager functionality was designed, built and still supported by Arc Software Consultancy.

Arc has more than fifteen years developing ONIX solutions and in handling ONIX data.

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