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Permissions Clearing Systems

Arc designed and built the award winning online permissions clearance system PLSclear for the Publishers’ Licensing Services (PLS) collecting society, which in turn runs this service for a good number of publishers.

This online permissions clearing system allows authors, agents, publishers and individuals to search for titles and to send a structured clearance request to the licensor. An online permissions wizard takes the non-professional through the journey of describing what they want to clear and what their usage will be in plain English, which is then converted into a comprehensive professional request.

Arc integrated PLSclear with the databases listing millions of titles so that requests can be automatically routed through to the publisher or licensor within seconds. The requestor only needs to find the title and the system will do the rest for them. The system also integrates into an accounting system for B2B invoicing and to Worldpay for consumer credit card payments. Behind the scenes the software is also integrated into Microsoft Management Reporting for sales and rights ownership tracking

How Did Arc Manage to Successfully Achieve a Permissions Clearing System?

Arc’s usability team converted hundreds of clearance and permissions questions provided by industry experts into a plain English wizard that can handle many different types of requests. The system increases the likelihood of a clearance request being successful because it produces coherent and comprehensive requests that are to the standard of experienced industry professionals, and reduces the amount of expensive and time consuming back and forth correspondence created by online forms and emails.

Arc A.I has been deployed as part of a matching engine so that the system learns as more transactions flow through the service and as rights holders and PLS staff interact with the data.

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