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Repertoire Management System Experiemce

Arc software has designed and built a number of Repertoire Management Systems for different organisations with the ability to manage extremely complex rights in combination with our business rules engine. The system can use this complexity to perform calculations to determine how products can be processed based on hundreds or different rules. Underlying all this are integrations out to partner systems such as downstream content distributors and Royalty Systems.

Dashboards are a vital part of the system design as this allows users to be alerted to data issues or to go off and do other tasks in the system whilst ingests are being verified.

Arc has found great success with conducting a small envisaging piece of work before designing and building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as the sheer complexity of dependencies can in effect almost deadlock a project as it appears that none can progress until all progress, and clients have found the Arc makes a significant leap forward, which then enables a live commercial system to be built.

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