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Bespoke Software and Database Development

Bespoke software development is right at the heart of what Arc does and what we really enjoy doing. Arc began when a senior IT director in the City of London realised that high-value systems were not achieving their full potential because they were in effect isolated in silos and people were not getting the best out of them because they simply did not fit the needs of their users well enough.

Arc has over 30 years experience in developing bespoke software and we thrive because we are really really good at it. So much so clients who move organisations then bring us in to solve complex problems.

Arc Software Consultancy's specialism is in solving complexity. Arc can take the most complex business process and turn it in to a system that appears simple and is intuitive.

The Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

One of the key benefits to buying in bespoke software development is that you then have an application that is an exact fit to your business rather than having to change your business around some software. Like a bespoke suit the software is tailored to you and eliminates all those compromises and costs that off-the-shelf forces you to make. Bespoke can also free you for annual licencing costs and tie in to consultants.

Buying bespoke means you avoid vendor lock-in and you are not buying in a whole set of features that were included to make a software tool seem comprehensive that really are not what you need. Now that's not to say that Arc does not support off-the-shelf, because as you'll see from other pages on this site we think it should be your first choice where there is a tried and tested solution at a great commodity price. Instead Arc always advocates bringing together the best components into one seamless experience for the user, which when Arc becomes involved means that your users rarely even know that there's a list of tools and data sources all running under the covers.

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