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Arc's Technology Stack for Bespoke Application Development

Arc was founded primarily as a full stack Microsoft developers back in 1990 and as builders of large and complex enterprise systems we have typically used a three tier architecture even if it is cheaper to have a developer try and do it all. The Microsoft stack has continued to grow and advance, and is in many places open-source so for larger organisations we still favour this for the back-end application development.

What becomes really interesting (and yes we are going to abuse some terms here so don't email us with complaints) is with business applications now being browser-based this notion of being loyal to one 'stack' is over. Arc's frontend development for the user interface/website has lots of jQuery and Bootstrap with some Angular thrown in along with MVC and ASP.NET depending on the client's needs.

If you would like to talk technology stack then do contact Arc and we'll arrange a call with one of the development team and not a project manager (we promise).

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