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Database Development and Management Reporting Services

Data is a valuable business resource, yet it is often locked away in databases obscured from decision makers. Databases are often a second thought in that they are thought of as simple stores for business applications where focus lies so they do not get the strategic priority that they deserve. All too often the database and the model that was designed for it will outlive the applications that call and contribute to it.

Arc really is very good at unlocking that data and in finding ways it can be seen by the business and used by software applications.

Data and data models need to be viewed as living things that will change, will grow, and will move away from their original purpose (and probably outlast your applications) rather than something to become permanent and rigid. Getting this right early in a project not only brings flexibility to your organisation, but it reduces the lifetime of maintenance cost that poor data structuring induces. The right model means that data can be shared with other software, departments and with outside partners.

The Arc Software data team is very experienced in modelling data and can discuss the deepest theoretical concepts down to most granular level of detail with any technician, but we are a company that does, a company that builds, and we like to move from theorising to actually deploying solutions.

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