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Accessibility Audits

Accessibility takes into account more of the human side of interactions with your site, but not completely. Making a site 'accessible' really means making accessible to ALL users, including those with a disability. A common misconception is that the blind don't use the internet or can't.

Actually, a majority of blind people rely heavily on the internet to access things that may be difficult in the real word to access.

Arc has experience in building sites that allow for all types of disability, from making our code compliant for screen readers; using best practice standards in CSS for font sizing and providing easy change font size controls; designing colour palettes with strong colour contrasts in mind for visually impaired users. We have also built sites that cater for multiple languages. This can be a real challenge for business systems where complex processes or data need to be used.

The lesser side to Accessibility is on the technology side. Some people prefer to set their browsers to include or not include certain plugins or type of content. It is also important to take these considerations into account. One example is media players. Some people have certain types of media player disabled on their browser. If your site is built heavily reliant on these as the main delivery of content, your site can suddenly look old, cluncky or broken to that user unless you have built the site with fallbacks or a secondary media player to kick in if the primary is disabled. These are situations Arc has had to build for in the past. We are always happy to point out anything than may make your site reliant on a users browser preferences. We usually have encountered a similar problem in the past and came recommend a solution.   

If you have any concerns about your site not being accessible to any particular group of people or reliant browser plugins, we are happy to talk through any issues or solutions that can be applied. 

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