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Do you have a tired user interface that needs a refresh?

Arc designs our software in a granular fashion so that it can be rebranded and refreshed.

Why is there the need to design in such a granular fashion?

The reason is to benefit you as software development is expensive and often core business functionality (if done by Arc of course) is still really sound and battle-tested many years later, but it appears dated, perhaps it does not render as well as it should on newer devices or elements are no longer the way that users expect modern software to work.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but let's say in a five years time, it was the fashion to have business websites use yellow text on black backgrounds (why not?) then you would not want to look out of date and you certainly wouldn't want to pay for a new site to be built. And you wouldn't need to.

All your software would need is a new skin if your underlying architecture is right. So, you don't have to wait for this crazy black and yellow future to arrive, you can decide your site needs a refresh this very moment, and Arc are always happy to help you with our dedicated design or re-skin service.

Even if we didn't build the site originally, we can create a skin you will feel comfortable in.

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