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Prototyping Design & Build Services

Arc offers a full software prototyping service so that you can visualise and logic test any new software or website idea before you spend any budget on development.

Prototyping allows you to organise your thinking, troubleshoot functionality and catch any unforeseen issues before you burn through any significant part of your budget or a line of code has be written. It can be a really important part of getting all your stakeholders on board with one vision as it shakes out all those different expectations that people often assume would end up in the final product, that sometimes do not.

At Arc, we like to encourage you to embrace prototyping as early as you can in a project because it can save so much time, cost, and misunderstandings from ever occurring. Clients can be in a rush to get the developers coding and see their site come to life as soon as possible, but developers time, change requests and reworking functionality is expensive.

Software prototyping does not always means building a minimum viable product or any software at all. 'Paper' prototyping in workshops is really effective as are the production of wireframes or mock-up designs.

Arc has an in-house design service that can guide you through the design of your software using prototyping.

For example with wire-framing Arc will show you fully rendered compositions of each site page that you can then make changes to easily as it is just an image, no code has been written. Seeing the site pages can also help you understand how the user journey and experience will play out. If there are any problems or things to be fixed it is a case of re-ordering pages and pulling out the red marker pens! Our designers can make any changes you request and then present the adjusted site design in hours... not days. When you are finally happy with you see, then you can make it in to a specification for the software developers to actually build.

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