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Designing and Branding Services

This is in a sense the final stage of design. When Arc talks about full colour compositions, we mean a fully designed site, a wireframe of functionality dressed in a skin of a branded design i.e these graphics will look like your final site. This usually is a Jpeg or image file representing what the final developed site will like like. In some cases, clients have been tricked into thinking we have already built the site (and this is just a screenshot!) and within minutes of being shown the images on a projector we are nearly always asked to click on something to show them how a feature works. In fact, when the project is over, if you took a screenshot of the site and compared it to the signed off composite image, we would hope you couldn't tell the difference.

In this design phase, we should already know what the site needs to do and how it will do it as that will have been worked out in wire-framing and prototyping, so our designers focus purely on creating the best way to present this to the user visually, and importantly how to make the branding work with the functionality. There is no one way of doing this so Arc will work with you to design a process for how you like to work.

When it comes to applying your brand to software design, our designers are capable of creating a brand from scratch; taking existing brand guidelines for print to create a complimentary web brand or just following a prescribed branding guide.

Our designers are capable of creating complementary images, icon sets or any other imagery assets that will help achieve that slick polished look of a well designed site.

Some clients even like us to produce multiple skins for their site, or many flavours of a single skin to help denote different areas of the same site. Anything and everything is possible, don't be afraid to ask for what you really want - and our designers will take up the challenge!

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