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Services to Design, Build and Review a Minimum Viable Product

Arc provides a complete in-house design and build service for Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). Arc has experienced building them both for internal use only prior to a large IT project being commissioned to building MVPs to actually be launched as a business or consumer service.

An MVP is an ideal way to to accelerate out of envisaging as it not only tests intentions, assumptions and of course processes (and logic), but it also means that the developers and stakeholders test the understanding between themselves. Arc has also used this as a project rescue tool to break out a project out of deadlock.

The art of the MVP is to be able to distil the core of final vision down into priority parts that will offer value even if the overall solution is yet to be built. A second and almost more critical aspect to a successful MVP is to be have a strategic goal in mind i.e what is it intended to discover. Arc provides experience designers, consultants and developers to guide you through what sounds simple, but trips up so many MVP builds.

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