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Software Wireframing & Mock-up Design Services

Arc offers a full in-house wireframe and mock-up design service from our London office. Arc can create wire frames direct from a consultation meeting, a requirements document or as a formalised output after the end of a paper prototyping session.

Wire frames (unlike mock-ups) are a simple representation of the elements in a page of a business site where a process is intended to be use (rather than a brochure). Wire frames are black and white with occasional basic coloured elements for icons, status symbols and user messages.

The idea of wireframes is that you are only viewing the sites functionality without the layer of design, or what some may call the 'look and feel' of the site as that ends up distracting people into branding and messaging discussions. For sites heavy on business rules or functionality, this is where we recommend clients devote most of their design time as you can iron out logic & process problems without getting caught up or distracted by design/branding issues such as "Should our icons be square or circular?". You'll be surprised how often this happens and more time and money are wasted on unnecessary meetings and design iterations to get back on track with the important things.

Instead Arc believes that all branding and styling should be added after a wire frame phase has been completed and signed off. Again allowing the functionality to be confirmed, just means our designers have free reign to let their imaginations go wild when let loose coming up with branding and design skins for your site. Knowing exactly what needs to exist within the pages of your site and what elements needs to be designed saves time and budget. Nobody likes paying for an elaborate scrolling pop-up with animated borders that will never be used on a single page of their finished site do they?

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