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Systems Integration

The era of the system that does everything is coming to an end. Organisations want to pick and choose the best components for their particular needs and to mix and match options from different off-the-shelf suppliers and expert bespoke builders. And it makes no sense to spend budgets on building your own version of software that is in essence now a commodity and priced to match.

That being said it often pays to avoid the trap of insisting on commercial off the shelf software only to spend years with consultants to customise it so uniquely to your business that it is now longer off the shelf and is not bespoke either.

If you have software that is doing the job and running perfectly you may not want to rip it all out and start again, so why not integrate your current technology with the new software so that you get the new features that you need without the pain of a large IT migration.

Arc has been performing complex data integrations since our foundation in 1990 (when we were hired by major banks when they needed external developers) and we have experienced people who can analyse different formats, design, and build software to convert data formats so that different systems and products can work together. Connecting rather than replacing systems not only provides obvious financial savings, but it importantly reduces management distraction by avoiding large projects. Integrations increase the power you have over suppliers by running a diverse set of systems rather than becoming reliant on one vendor.

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